Friday, July 20, 2012

Bitter-sweet life

Just because i didn't talk my problem, a lot of people thought that i never experienced time to struggle. People thought that all of paths i went through were easy. Thinking my life is so perfect for who i am right now. But, IT'S WRONG!!!
I'm who i am right now because i don't have a perfect life.
I'm who i am right now not because i never feel the bitterness of life.
I'm just a human being :)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm a dreamer!!

I've never seen any successful people who isn't a dreamer. DREAM is the first key of my life. I absolutely agree with Agnes Monica's quote "DREAM, BELIEVE, AND MAKE IT HAPPEN". That quote really inspires my life and also make me use that quote in my life "DREAM, BELIEVE, MAKE IT COME TRUE" :))
I just wanna say, if u don't believe in your dream, how can u convince people to believe your dream?
Then, what is the dreamer do after that? they visualize it and they believe with their eyes of faith before making it happen.
I just talk like a children say " i wanna be a doctor", so if someone ask me "what is your dream?", i'm gonna answer "I wanna go international, i wanna go global for my study and career". Maybe some people say it's arrogance but for me it's called DREAM.
They call it arrogance, i call it a goal to keep me focus on my journey to keep me on track. I always believe that IF U FAIL TO PLAN, U PLAN TO FAIL.

siwi and me

Happy Ramadhan!!! :))


Thursday, July 5, 2012

my 21st :)

Good morniiiing :)
Feeling happy and bless today.. 21 years ago, a mother gave birth a babyyyy... yay that's me!!
birthday is a time to do many reflections for what i've learnt so far.... trying to be a good person in my following year....
my wishes are my thesis runs well without many barriers, i can go exchange next year after my thesis, i can get a TESOL scholarship for my master program at University of South Australia, andddddd i wanna make people around me proud of me, especially my parents :) and last but not least, i can meet "someone" who can gimme the true meaning of love hehehe :p
may Allah loves and blesses me always :______)
Thanks mom and dad for veryyy early birthday gift and many good wishes and prayers :)
and of course for many good friends, thank you for your wishes and prayers for me... i'm speechless :)