Thursday, July 5, 2012

my 21st :)

Good morniiiing :)
Feeling happy and bless today.. 21 years ago, a mother gave birth a babyyyy... yay that's me!!
birthday is a time to do many reflections for what i've learnt so far.... trying to be a good person in my following year....
my wishes are my thesis runs well without many barriers, i can go exchange next year after my thesis, i can get a TESOL scholarship for my master program at University of South Australia, andddddd i wanna make people around me proud of me, especially my parents :) and last but not least, i can meet "someone" who can gimme the true meaning of love hehehe :p
may Allah loves and blesses me always :______)
Thanks mom and dad for veryyy early birthday gift and many good wishes and prayers :)
and of course for many good friends, thank you for your wishes and prayers for me... i'm speechless :)



thank you for your comment! ♥