Sunday, April 29, 2012


hehe... that's AIESEC's yell..
well guys, do u know AIESEC? in briefly, AIESEC is an international organization.. there is an exchange program and also voluntary program!! well, i enrolled for the first program namely AIESEC exchange program.. The first selection was documentary selection.. and Alhamdulillah i passed documentary selection.. last Saturday, i did the selection test.. the first test was FDG (Forum Discussion Group).. in that test, i was grouped with 5 people then we discuss an international case ( i got animal trafficking case). Alhamdulillah, i passed FDG selection, then i had to do interview selection.. i think i've done my best, and now let Allah do the rest!! :) wish i can be accepted by AIESEC exchange program. amiiin.. the commitee said that the result will be anounced in one week later..
guys, do not afraid to create your dream..  if u can dream it, u can achieve it!! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

100% or 300%?

my friend asked me how to keep my spirit in academic life... to be honest, i was confuse about that question.. hehe.. then i answered, "my academic life also up and down.. but i always try to maximize my effort.. if someone else do something 100%, so i have to do 300%"
even, i don't care if someone else thinking that i'm a perfectionist people, to be honest yes i'm that kind of person... :___)
well, i also have my own dream book!! yay i call it dream book bcoz i write all of my dreams there... and the contents are secret hihi :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

fitting the pose fitting the room

having a photoshoot at fitting room is sooooo funny! hihi and we had lunch at Dapur Citra Solo. The food is sooo yummy and the price is cheap! :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

falling in love with aussie

well, last friday i went to scholarship expo in my campus.. there are many campus promoted in expo, actually they are only campus in Aussie.. wow, and i was so glad because finally i found campus who served my future major and u know what., the person who promoted was a graduate student from my future major!
she explained many steps to study there and she also gave me her email and her supervisor's email in Aussie to keep contact with me.. yay! :)
and she said, "someday u have to contact my supervisor because i recomend u to him"
i was sooooooooo happppyyyyyy!!!
exactly, i'm falling in love with University of South Australia.. wish me luck guys to make my dreams come true! :)
keep loving me ;)

Friday, April 6, 2012


i joined a giveaway from a blogger, kindly check her cute blog guys! :)

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Awesome month is awesome! >.<

♥ wish me luck guys 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i wanna be a princess

i've ever told u that i really love everything about disney, yay! besides mickey and minnie mouse, i also addict about disney princess.. hihi..  when i was kid, i imagined that i could be one of the princess character in disney.. well, my kindergarten teacher ever asked me,

kindergarten teacher : shelia, what is your ideal in the future?
me : being a princess! *with innocent face*

then, my friends and my teacher laughed at me because it's not a common answer. hihi.. but, actually it could be accepted becoz i was a kid, 5 years old kid!! :))
well, i'm 20 years old right now and i'm still addict about disney princess too hehe.. there's no change happens actually when someone asks me about my ideal, i'm going to answer like this...
"one of my ideal in the future is being a princess.. i've been being a lil princess for my parents actually, then in the future i'm going to be a princess for my prince charming (my future husband) and of course a princess for my future children"
that's gonna be my answer! yes, i wanna be a princess!