Saturday, March 30, 2013


I don't want to be with you forever, you know. I just want to sit next to you on that bench for a little long while. Wait, i lied! I do want to be with you forever. I'm sick of being obsessed with you. I want to be obsessed with less complicated things, like books-or cooking. Maybe that's why I decided to stick with not telling the truth. It hurts less. So good bye and take care

Spring in Japan. This picture was taken around Asakusa ^^

Thursday, March 28, 2013

morning break

I always start my day with reading a book, online, then blogging. I dont know, those things really make my day. Trying to be on time in every schedule or meeting, trying to smile to everyone we know, and trying to be nice girl. When you try to do that, i bet u will be happier. Is that only personal assumption? ah whatever it is, just try and feel it!
I'm not a perfect girl who can do this and that. Sometimes, i hate people who think that i can do everything. If i can do A, then they think i can do B as well. So, they put their high expectation on me! Oh come on, i'm still a human and i'm not that perfect.
To be honest, i dont feel i've achieved much. I never thought of being an overachiever. That's not me. I simply try to be the best that i can be. I certainly hope that whatever i do will inspire other people.
Around 3 years ago, i wrote on my dream book "i wanna be smart, talented, bright, beautiful, and everything a man can hope for in a girl" hahaha, even i amazed how could i wrote that sentence? hahaha, well then i'm trying hard to realize it nowwwww errrrr :p
Have a nice day! :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

IDYF 2013 video

Good morniiiiiiingggg!! :)

Here i give 2 videos of IDYF Japan 2013. The first one was made by Misato Nagakawa (the general manager of IDYF) and the second one was made by Huyen, delegate from Vietnam. Hope you enjoy the videos! Have a nice day great peopleeeeeeee :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'll be back!

Me     : Mom, can I go back to Tokyo?
Mom    : Why not? Try to get scholarship for your master study there or you can work there as well
Me     : Really? *hugging my mom*

That was an unexpected conversation with my mom. At the first time, my mom didn't allow me to spend my future faraway from her, but i didn't know exactly what things happened with her, so she could change her mind haha, but i was soooo happy :))
i think my mom has already known my "strong love" with Japan. I've loved Japan since i was 5 years old. I really want to get the scholarship there for my master study, actually i plan to choose another country as well for my master study, let God does the rest to choose the best one for me.
Japan's working culture can be brutal. For the example, we get in the office at 09.00 in the morning and leave 03.00 the next morning. My heart left in Japan

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tokyo Day 7

The last daaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! :(
It was really hard for me to leave Tokyo :(
Wish one day, i could go back there for study or even for work. Tokyo, u made me falling in love. Arigatou.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tokyo Day 6

It was really the day. The day of group presentation. I could see many pretty nervous face, and i felt so. We did the presentation in Meiji University. Meiji University is one of the best private universities in Japan. The audiences were many students from various universities in Japan, then many professors as well. Nervous? Absolutely yes!
But anyway, my group (governance group) really made it! At the end, we got the compliment from Mr. Ryutaro Murotami from JICA'S Research Associate :))

Meiji University

Governance group - we come from different country
IDYF 2013 :)

Tokyo Day 5

Day 5 in Tokyo, i worked with my group (governance group) to make a presentation in Meiji University on Saturday. That was really a tiring day as well but i enjoyed every single things. I was soooo happy. On that day, my group was given a lecture by Mr. Ryutaro Murotani from  JICA'S research associate

Tokyo Day 4

After all delegates had a very tiring day in the previous day, finally we got a time to refresh our mind. hahaha... yay, we got sightseeing time. I went to many places around Tokyo and tried japanese food as well. I had so much fun at that time, i enjoyed the sightseeing from morning till midnight hahaha... at the first time, we visited Teijin. Teijin is Japanese famous company of humna chemistry and human solution. For more information, visit

From left to right - me, cami (papua nugini), gaby (mexico), ericka (philipine)

with Lina, delegate from Brazil

Then, i visited Asakusa. Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing place in Tokyo. But again, the prices are soooo expensive. You know guys, Tokyo is one of the most expensive city in the world!

with Jun Watanabe

Hachiko ^^

Tokyo Day 3

On the third day, i had working group session and plenary meeting. That was really tiring day since i worked from 9.00 A.M - 21.55 PM

Tokyo Day 2

It was spring in Japan, but it was still cold around 7-12 degrees. I had to adapt with that condition though lil bit difficult for me who comes from "hot country" haha... In the second day, i had some agendas. i had to do national report. in this session, i had to give a presentation about bad and good condition of my country (Indonesia). One of the things that made my day was the lecture on MDGs from Mr. Hiroshi Minami, he is Deputy Director General for Global Issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I really enjoyed the forum :) 

Mr. Hiroshi Minami - Deputy Director General for Global Issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tokyo Day 1

Hello everybody, long time no see you hahaha... i've been soooo busy lately. I was selected as one of Indonesian delegates in IDYF (International Development Youth Forum) in Tokyo, Japan. That was like a dream comes true. I love everything about Japan since i was 5 years old. I've ever talked to myself when i was 5, "one day i will go to Japan". Tokyo made me fall in love for sure, my heart left there. That's why i should pick up my heart one day. I'm planning to put Japan on my list for my next study or even for work there. I learned many things from Japan - being on time, discipline, and hard work. I love everything in Japan, indeed :)
I will tell completely on my next post. See u on my next post about Japan! Arigatou gozaimasu ^^

National Olympics Memorial Youth Center - the place where i stayed for a week
my room - that's not a hotel anyway but it looks like a hotel right? ^^
Opening session
Welcome party
Welcome party