Monday, December 23, 2013

Love letter to my future other half :)

Maybe it sounds weird. A love letter should be written for the people we've already known. I haven't known you, the one whom this love letter should be addressed to. Whoever you are my future other half, this love letter is special for you :)
May i guess who you are? Don't worry, i won't compare you with my imagination. I think it is normal when a girl has an imagination of her future other half. Once again, i wanna make sure that I love you just the way you are :)

Hmmm probably you're a pious man who does shalat on time and recites Qur'an after maghrib time, maybe you're a man who treats your mother like a queen, you're a man who visits bookshop every month, you're a man who spends the day at coffeshop while reading a book after having a hard day at work. Are you joining John Green's series? How do you liking it so far?
Are you a type of man who wears glasses? Are you a smart guy? Are you a globetrotter? Are you a brave man who impresses other people with your awesome speech? Are you a type of man who loves booktalking? Are you a man who dies to expert on Japanese and French languages?
I know you're not perfect, so DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY okay? haha.

I don't know how Allah arranges His way for us, i mean how and when we're going to meet. Maybe we've met before or we haven't met but we've known each other. I don't know. I'm a bit tired yet excited of wondering who you are. I have been expecting to meet you soon. Dear my future other half, I'm not busy dating with men while waiting for your coming. I'm busy pursuing my dreams and busy preparing myself to be a great partner for you. Some men tried to attract my attention, but you know I'm not the type of girl who wastes my time in a "trash relationship" anymore. Many people often questioning why I have been being single for a long time. I used to be known as a girl who is very busy pursuing my dreams and future career. I don't want to be a "brainless trophy wife" for you. Whatever your profession is, I wanna be your best discussion partner. I enjoy and love deep discussion, that's why you may ask me whenever you need a discussion partner. I wanna be smart, bright, beautiful, talented and everything you can hope for in a girl. But don't worry, I will step back and support your dreams and career as well because I deeply understand that your dreams are mine too.

When we meet later, i'll ask you to have a midnight booktalk with me and we build our own library at home. I'm not that sweet in expressing my feeling, but laying down on your arm while we're reading in silence is very romantic for me. It feels good to finally be able to meet you in the future. My life has found it's missing piece. I love you because of Allah...

your future other half :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oh Tokyo, how i miss thee!!

Tokyo must be so wonderful this month! The streets get brightly lit with beautiful winter illuminations. Oh Tokyo, how i miss thee!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Another day, another dream comes true

I'm invited as one of the speakers in this program. Jika ada waktu luang silakan datang besok pukul 15.30 WIB, talkshow ini GRATIS! :)
Semoga sharing pengalaman yang saya berikan besok bisa banyak menginspirasi anak-anak muda supaya berani bermimpi dan action. Untuk saya sendiri, semoga pengalaman yang saya share ke audience bisa membuat saya bisa lebih rendah hati karena semua dari Allah, atas ijin Allah.
Saya pernah menulis "ingin jadi pembicara yang menginspirasi anak-anak muda" di list mimpi saya tahun 2013 ini. Alhamdulillah another day, another dream comes true. God is good :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

That's what friends are for

Lama banget rasanya ga nulis di blog *tiup-tiup debu di blog*
What is the newest? I already finished my undergraduate study yay! Sudah beberapa bulan yang lalu sebenarnya, i'm just too lazy to write it on blog. Sorry :)) and my graduation ceremony will be on March.
As a fresh graduate, semuanya pasti pernah merasakan "galau". Untuk studi lanjut atau kerja. Sebuah pilihan yang sulit (untuk saya). Mungkin untuk beberapa orang bukan pilihan yang sulit karena sudah mempunyai kemantapan pilihan jauh-jauh hari.
Bulan lalu saya dipanggil test salah satu multinational company besar di Indonesia, but i didn't make it. Test kerja  di multinational company itu yang pertama bagi saya. Well, i was killed by GMAT test LOL :) tapi mungkin belum rejeki untuk kerja disana.
Bukan kegagalan test itu yang ingin saya share disini. Saya ingin share kalo saya beruntung. Saya beruntung punya banyak teman yang care dan ada di saat saya ada di atas atau di bawah.
Akhir-akhir ini kegalauan mau studi lanjut atau kerja datang lagi, but i'm so happy to have Fika as one of my best friends. Kita pertama ketemu di Bangkok, Thailand tahun lalu sebagai delegasi Indonesia di Asean Student Forum. Setelah kita balik ke Indonesia, kita jadi temen deket. Kita punya kesamaan, sama-sama suka kopi dan buku, perbedaannya Fika suka pak Gita Wirjawan dan saya suka pak Marty Natalegawa :p
Semalam saya bbm Fika, "Fik, tell me one strong reason why you take that path", and her answer warmed my heart
"Life and Love. Life is too precious to be usual and too short to be ordinary. Will you stand on zero ground while enormous opportunities are waiting for you?. Love is the way you praise God for gracious life. The more you know the world the more you love you have, to God and His blessing life. Learning is about knowing and knowing is never ending process. The knowing is upper hand than the not, as God says. So, don't you want to be the knowing? God indeed encourages us to learn as much as possible no matter how far, how hard, and how long to know each other better for better future"
Seketika saya langsung buka dream book yang saya punya dan membaca lagi mimpi-mimpi yang saya ingin raih. Saya lupa jika saya pernah menulis mimpi besar itu dengan semangat. Saya senang ketika punya teman dengan visi yang sama, kita bisa saling mengingatkan tentang mimpi-mimpi yang kita punya. That's what friends are for, for good times and bad times. And there's so much more i see, and so by the way i thank you. Thanks Fika! :)

Saya semakin yakin setelah ini saya akan kemana. Tugas saya adalah terus bekerja keras supaya mimpi-mimpi itu menjadi nyata suatu hari nanti. Jika ketentuan Allah berbeda dari keputusan yang saya ambil, saya akan biarkan Allah bekerja, karena Dia yang punya kendali pada hidup saya. Saya bahagia karena saya berusaha "menghidupkan" mimpi-mimpi saya :)