Wednesday, August 15, 2012


i dedicated this post for whoever u are that underestimate my dreams, my life, and my family... You get my bow hohoho...
i've lived in this world for 21 years but to be honest i can't control myself when someone else underestimate my dreams, my life, moreover my family. What i can do just asking to God to gimme a power and i just keep silent for everything they talk to me until they close their mouths from useless words. I realize that everything we do cannot please everybody. So, if we do a good things, we have to battle it. Do not hear many negative sound and paradigm around us. No matter what u do and what u achieve, there will be many people who continuously underestimate u. It means we have to prepare it all the times :)
I always think that when haters were busy talking, i was busy making my dreams happen... Till they wondering why they left behind.
For u who has a problem like what i've said above, come on guys life is full surprises (bitter and sweet), so just face it and u're gonna know what a life is :)

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