Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mommy Cammy

Hello dear readers...
Wish u all doing great there. I'm doing great here as well. Lil bit busy with my thesis since i have a date with thesis everyday till midnight. But i believe, hard work will be paid off. Wish me luck :)
Today, i want to write one of my room-mates in Tokyo. She is Camilla Itokszii Garuai (Cami). She comes from Papua New Guinea. Finally i have a friend from that country hihi. I really want to have many friends in another country and i wish from all over the world.

She is very nice room-mate, pretty, humble, and smart. I talked many things with her, had a public bathing together, had a gossiping till midnight about the boy in the forum-whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken hihi, and many more. We worked in the same group, governance group. We shared many things, about the politic condition and the governance in our own country. I call her mommy since she is older than me and she is wise. When i shared my stories with her, she gave a very nice advice. That's one things that i love from Cami.
I really love to have many friends, so that's why i keep in touch with everyone, Cami as well.
I remember her nice advice "Shelia, do not ever give up on your dreams, if something is meant to be no matter how impossible it is, God will make a way"

Though we have many friends from many different countries, i think distance is not the matter. Trying to keep in touch despite the distance. Meeting many friends is such kind of blessing for me. Thanks God!

Cami and I

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