Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let's spread the love.


Happy Ied Al-Adha to all Muslim brothers and sisters in the world. :)
The moment of Ied Al-Adha reminds me with the current situation which happened in some countries in the world where Islam is the minority. I myself who was born and raised in Indonesia, which is the biggest muslim population in the world, do not have any significant obstacle in doing my daily prayer and wearing my hijab. I'm totally sad hearing bad news from friend of mine who is currently studying in X country that there is still discrimination toward Muslim in that country. I do believe that each of religions in this world teaches people to love and respect each other. Islam doesn't teach me to be terrorist, meanwhile Islam urges to love and respect each other. The last prophet of Islam, Muhammad SAW, taught us to respect and love each other as well, even for the people who have different faith from us. Dear people who are still underestimate Islam, don't discrimate us because we're Muslim, please stop judging Islam is bad. It's not because of the religion, it's all because of some people who do not follow their God's rules. And stop discriminating women who wear hijab, we wear hijab because of God's rule. Because we love our God, Allah SWT. Don't judge what I wear on my head, but judge the content of my character. As an muslim agent, i wanna be a good agent for my religion. I wanna be good and true muslimah. I wanna spread the love and throw away the hatred.
I think the world would be more beautiful without any discrimination. :)

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