Sunday, April 29, 2012


hehe... that's AIESEC's yell..
well guys, do u know AIESEC? in briefly, AIESEC is an international organization.. there is an exchange program and also voluntary program!! well, i enrolled for the first program namely AIESEC exchange program.. The first selection was documentary selection.. and Alhamdulillah i passed documentary selection.. last Saturday, i did the selection test.. the first test was FDG (Forum Discussion Group).. in that test, i was grouped with 5 people then we discuss an international case ( i got animal trafficking case). Alhamdulillah, i passed FDG selection, then i had to do interview selection.. i think i've done my best, and now let Allah do the rest!! :) wish i can be accepted by AIESEC exchange program. amiiin.. the commitee said that the result will be anounced in one week later..
guys, do not afraid to create your dream..  if u can dream it, u can achieve it!! :)


  1. postingan2nya sangat menarik dan bermanfaat,,terus menulis,,karena dengan menulis kita bisa mengembangkan imajinasi kita dan menjadikan kita lebih kretaif ^_^

    salam kenal
    kalau berkenan silahkan mampir ke EPICENTRUM
    folloback juga ya buat nambah temen sesama blooger,,tukeran link juga boleh,,makasih..^_^

    1. thank youuu!! i've followed u back :)


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