Saturday, October 6, 2012

Amazing, you are!!

Inspired by Alanda Kariza to write this post :)
U can also write the same thing and try to feel the positivity after u write it. Writing this makes us special, reminds me that everybody is special. You're special.
This note is not about showing off, but this is about loving yourself.

I'm an amazing person because
1. I make new friends easily. I can't sitting next to/in front people of without any kind of conversation. It turns out to be a very good thing because i think networking is one of the main keys of success. 

2. I'm a good listener. I always welcome to listen to people's problems, and when they ask for my advice, i'm willing to share my experiences.

3. I'm curious. I love learning new things and i can absorb lesson easily. Maybe i'm not a smart girl but i'm a curious person on anything. I can learn any kind of lesson and memorize it. I love You, God!

4. I'm an optimistic person!!. A lot of people around me and many successful people inspire me. Even Disney also inspires me. All of them said that we can make our dreams come true. So why worry?

5. I rarely forget saying: maaf, tolong, terimakasih. Those are a magical words for me. It is really important to be said to other people.

6. I'm a loving person. I love my parents, i love my brother Rafi, i love my big family, i love my Genk Gonjrenk, i love my college friends.. They make me an amazing person.

7. I won't give up easily. When i fail, i wake up, i learn, and i move on.

8. I love my God, Allah SWT. I count everything on Him :)

9. I love doing social project and voluntary project. I don't know why i love to do it, but i feel meaningful to others and i get a happiness that cannot be replaced with words or anything.


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