Sunday, October 7, 2012

whoever you are, thank you so much!!

Last Friday i had a fruitful chat on BBM with someone - whom - i - really - don't - know.. I don't know whether i have to call "mas or mbak", even i'm not sure who is he/she..
I always push my self to the limit when i do something or when i want to pursue something. I don't care with myself whether it will hurt me or not, whether it will make me happy or not. And, someone - whom - i - really - don't - know gave a nice advice, to be honest i cried after read that.. Oya, someone - whom - i - really - don't - know didn't complain when i called "mas", oh from that point maybe he's a boy *thinking*

"Shelia setiap manusia punya limit bukan untuk dilewati, semakin dekat dengan limit semakin lelah dan menyakitkan rasanya. Kalo kamu bisa mencapai sukses tanpa kamu push the limit itu lebih baik, usaha cerdas itu lebih baik dari usaha keras. Shelia bisa exchange tanpa harus kurang tidur dan banyak nangis, shelia bisa lakuin itu semua tanpa push the limit, just do ordinary things with extraordinary pray and for extraordinary result. Aku ga mau liat kamu banyak begadang. Kamu perempuan. Dan satu lagi, jangan meremehkan dirimu dengan berpikir kamu harus selalu menderita untuk dapat yang bagus, no pressure no diamond itu dihapus aja, ganti you get diamond with no over pressure, Allah tinggal kasi kok yang kita minta,  setuju? :)"

To be honest, i cried after i read that... That advice really in line with my condition recently.. I'm busy to prepare a big project for my dream in the last of this year and the beginning of 2013 :') 
Finally, i realize that WHAT'S THE POINT OF LOOKING GREAT ON THE OUTSIDE IF I'M NOT HAPPY INSIDE AND I'M HURT?. Now, i will not do something in order only to get achievement and spotlight from that but how it can inspire and useful for other people, emmm the important point is how it can make me happy inside and outside :')
For someone - whom - i - really - don't - know, thank you so much! :')


  1. ciee Mba Shelia, curcol nih... " curhat colongan ",,,hoho
    exactly,..i love your blog...thanks for gve me reason to get some motivation from your blog.


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