Saturday, October 13, 2012

I met Emir Qatar :)

Hellloooo :)
Yesterday i came to Management Carnival in my campus. There are many speakers there, like Muhammad Assad, Imam Subchan and the others. The seminar talked about Young entrepreneur. I love the topic so much!! Many speakers there really inspire me.
I wrote some important points from the speakers, here it is :)

"A business that makes nothing but profit is a poor business" - Muhammad Assad

"Do not limit your dream, keep dreaming on another step"

"You should lead the competition, not only join the competition"

"Do something in extraordinary way and do not skip problem and process"

"The best way to predict your future is to create it"

"Never doubt to yourself. Allah selalu kasih semua yang kita butuhkan"

In that seminar, Alhamdulillah finally i could meet Muhammad Assad. I've read his book and its really inspiring. He's a great man, no doubt if every girl amazes to him :)
oya, he is very very humble, he remembered my name, yay!! :)
wish i can meet him in another chance :)


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